The Joy of a renewed Male–Female Relation

Many people ask themselves how to live a fulfilling relationship and make it last. They long for a relation marked by inner freedom rather than role-playing, entanglement, misunderstanding and fighting. In order to make this dream become reality it is necessary to revise traditional convictions about masculinity and femininity.

A man and a woman are not only made up of their physically apparent gender, we also carry the reciprocal aspect within. When we start to acknowledge the dual set-up of gender identity, concepts, attitudes and behaviour need to be reviewed in order to set the power free that comes from living a truly balanced, reconciled gender identity.

This does not mean to blur the contours, but to combine two equally “valid” parts and make them work together. Harmonious and powerful relationships require not only to accept, respect and honour one’s own gender as much as the partner’s gender, but also to make peace with and appreciate the opposite gender within. This disposition for balance is reflected in the union of “Mother Earth” and “Father Heaven”, whose beloved offspring we are.