Twosome Union

The male–female principle is present in all creation. Sexual antagonism is sheer energy and showing everywhere in nature and the universe. That’s how it is depicted in the Yin-Yang symbol with its counterparts whirling around. If we acknowledge the male-female interaction as an exuberant dance of ultimate liveliness, as a „divine love play“ it makes it easier to free ourselves from feelings of guilt and doubt, from power games and manipulations that have overshadowed the interaction of men and women for so long.

Sexuality is an expression of vital energy and joy of life. To become a celebration of King and Queen, of God and Goddess again, sexuality needs to be freed from having been instrumentalized over a long period of time. No more need to take the partner hostage for your happiness. No more need for him or her to compensate for something lacking. Instead, make it the reunion of two complete entities celebrating unity.

The fact that a man also carries female aspects and a woman holds male aspects is shown in the Yin-Yang symbol with the white and black dots. Honouring one’s own gender as much as the partner’s gender, and consciously integrating the active presence of both aspects within will liberate the mind and allow to heal body and soul in a way that was missing.