Temple of the Soul

At home in your body

It is time to recognize ourselves both as beings of boundless light as well as accepting our incarnation on earth 100%, meaning to honour our miraculous body and each cell of it, in all its perishable limitedness, too. After all, it is the physical body that enables us to live a phantastic adventure on earth. If you are not anchored firmly in your body and unconnected to earth you may have difficulties facing the current challenges.

Often it is due to former injuries, anxieties, traumas, and feelings of shame and guilt that we shy away from fully accepting being in a body and feeling at home in it. Many of these old irritating conditions may enter our consciousness now and manifest in physical and mental symptoms. They wish to be seen and to be acknowledged. If we ignore the call personal progress will be stalling. The actual situation asks for an undivided commitment to our life on earth and in a human body, without an „escape hatch“ in the back of our minds. 

The needs and processes of the body take time as they have a slower pace than the quick mind that makes a decision to say goodbye to a trauma thus paving the way for healing. It may take quite some more time, patience and loving care until the healing impulse finds its way from the mind to the physical level and becomes an overall reality in the body-spirit-system.