Checklist for a change

How to attain equanimity

Some suggestions…

• step back and change perspective,

• open your mind and accept what is,

• connect with your heart,

• free yourself from concepts and beliefs,

• be entirely in your body, anchored on earth,

• be 100% present, 

• forgive yourself and free yourself from guilt,

• forgive others and ask for forgiveness,

• finish old stories so the new can evolve,

• show yourself in an authentic way,

• remember your mission and live it,

• rediscover your true potentials and update them,

• be a creator rather than feeling like a victim,

• empower yourself as the boundless light being you are,

• reconcile the male and female aspects in yourself,

• live unity rather than separation,

• let go what hinders you from being happy,

• surrender to the flow of life without wanting to control,

• celebrate life and being alive in gratitude,

• trust, and welcome the unknown,

• forget this list…