Transformation in movement

Dancing stimulates the inner fire. A dance that is dedicated to one’s own inner fire burns what is no longer useful and reveals what wishes to come up. Therefor, dancing is a good way to speed up change and transformation. The self-containment reached by dancing opens access to understanding and healing. Dancing is a gate to transcendence.

The whole universe is made up of movements that can be called a dance – from the interplay of subatomic particles to the planets’ trajectories. The grandeur of these movements can be seen as an expression of a Divine dance encompassing everything, including all beings.

From the beginning mankind has been dancing, in quest of oneness with God and everything. The Divine principle of dancing is apparent in the depiction of the Indian God Shiva, depicted as the eternal dancer. And Jesus is said to have stated: “If you don’t dance, you don’t understand.” (Apocrypha)