Gratefulness – A State of Mind

Usually we are grateful when we get a present. To be grateful is not difficult as long as we receive nice presents that we’ve been wishing for. But what about being grateful “without a reason”, or expressing contentment even in the face of adversity?

It all starts with accepting everything as it is. It starts with saying YES rather than no – YES to belonging together, everybody and everything included, with no exception. By simply caring we offer people, things and situations the option to tune into the flux of togetherness. Should there be any reluctance, a positive attitude will help to transform the resistance. If it really comes from the heart, caring sends a healing impulse.

In meditation it becomes possible to leave the usual way of thinking that is rooted in polarity. Meditation helps to overcome a dismissing attitude and to concede a deeper meaning to everything, even if we don’t understand.

Then it will become clearer that we are confronted with presents all the time: life itself and all that is created. We take many things for granted, yet everything – big or small – is worth to be recognized and to be welcomed in the common whole. The “YES of gratefulness” supports the energy flux, and it fuels growth and healing – within and around us.