All Creation is Living Energy

We are energy – and everything around is dynamic, vibrant energy. Matter, light, thoughts, emotions are energy and form a living context. Lack of love and painful experiences may cause disorders in this complex interrelation, manifesting as exhaustion, illness or mischief.

To perceive the different qualities of such energies and to deal with them in a responsible and caring way is one of today’s prominent tasks in order to meet the challenges of our time. Being in a meditative state allows to take a wholistic look at what is, and to better recognize what really enhances life and what doesn’t.

If your heart is ready for it, it becomes possible to revive the energy flow and direct it to where it is needed, in accordance with the law of creation. This liberates the access to deep-rooted creative potentials. Rituals, mantras and meditations have the power to revitalise energy structures, to trigger profound healing and to generate fresh approaches to problem solving.