The Yoga of Art

Art is a great vehicle to break the borders of the unknown, to transcend what we usually call reality. Art is a tool to raise consciousness, to reach out for inner truth and express it in an aesthetic way.

Art is a creative way of dealing with energy and giving it a form that affects the sensorium. The more the artist acknowledges his own inmost Divinity, the more the art work will radiate vibrations of comprehension, support and healing.

In former times, art was linked to religious cult, to shamanism, priesthood, healing, mysticism, alchemy and prophecy. Art establishes realities beyond the expected and creates experiences that trigger emotions, challenge the intellect and touch the heart.

The most sustainable impact a work of art can have is by touching the heart. It’s when we feel connected with a stream of compassionate care that the artist implanted in the work to radiate and reach us. When a work of art touches our heart it is due to an loving energy inherent in the work, from its conception to its production. An art work that just stirrs emotions or addresses the intellect does not have the same lasting effect.