Celebrate Life – Live Love!

Love is a powerful energy of Divine origin. Love is the fuel and the glue of the universe. Without love, everything is void. Our deepest truth is love.

In all humans exists the spark of all-encompassing love even if it’s tucked away due to previous experiences of pain and deception. This spark is waiting to be kindled not only on selective occasions. It is waiting to grow into a constantly blazing flame, shedding its warm light into all directions, with no exception, inspiring others to do alike.

We are used to tie our love to conditions – we’re willing to give love hoping not to be disappointed. This kind of love contains reluctance based on the fear of unfulfilled expectations. The reservation makes love much smaller than it is. Let’s not talk about love that prefers some and excludes others, let’s talk about unconditional love – the kind of love that asks no questions and doesn’t need an answer. This love is universal, all-pervading and so deeply linked to our true being that it can’t ever be disappointed. Overmore, this type of love is not only the best medicine but the best protection, too.

Former experiences of rejection and suffering inhibit our impetus to give away love without a particular cause and to be open for receiving it as well. It is time now to set free our original ability to love – with the kind of love that lets us accept others and ourselves fully and compassionately.