Meditation: Coming Home

The beneficial effects of meditation on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level have been widely described and scientifically examined. Meditation has a harmonizing effect on the body, on emotions and on the thinking mind. Furthermore it opens the gate to our inner treasures.

Becoming silent we get access to the core of our being. In meditation, we can connect with this immortal core, which is pure love. We leave behind the judgemental polarity of everyday life and accept everything as it is. Meditation is a loving devotion to the Here and Now, with intention, but with no aim.

Distracting thoughts have less impact, if we do not identify with them but let them drift by as onlookers. Practising regularly, we are better able to hear the inner voice, to take better decisions and live a fulfilled life. From silence come peace and clarity.

Eventually, if we are able to see our whole life as one big meditation, it is not necessary anymore to sit every day for hours in a possibly uncomfortable posture.

If we see every step we walk, every breath we take, every word we speak as being meditative practice, we develop a caring, compassionate attitude towards the world and ourselves. We then understand that meditating is not about fleeing the world but about embracing it. Meditation is a present we give to ourselves and to the world.