Being Present in the Living Fire of the Heart

Often we are not really present. We think about the past or make plans for the future. There is nothing wrong with digesting what was and thinking of what shall be, as long as both is contained in the present moment, as long as it is linked to the full acceptance of Now, with the consciousness, that the past cannot be changed and the future can’t be controlled.

Also, we are not living presence if we reduce and compare ourselves and try to be someone else in order to be more successful. To have role models and goals may be useful at times, the question remains: do they correspond to my real self and do they help me to manifest it?

Not being present means to withdraw a part of completeness from our union with others. Presence is a bridge to all fellow humans and everything that is. Being present is “contagious”: if we are present, others are likely to join. This creates a kind of synchronicity making things “fall into place”. When that happens, we understand why “non-acting in the state of being present” has been considered to be the highest form of acting.

In the state of being we connect with the origin of creation, home of the “big bang”. With this tie to our inmost source of creativity we find orientation for our individual path. With a clear orientation, confidence and serenity will grow. Meditation is a good way to train “simply being”. It makes us turn to the Here and Now while thoughts, concepts and convictions lose their seeming importance.