Welcoming the Unknown

To be familiar with change is a good disposition to lead a redeeming life. We all carry the seed of change, since life is about constant change. Standstill is no option for aliveness. Being aware of change as the omnipresent essence of life helps to make the best of it.

Our time is marked by crises and upheavals – on a personal and on a global level. How do we deal with the resulting changes? Being confronted with something unknown and new to us, we tend to react in a sceptical and defensive way, since change may contest our convictions and threaten our plans. Today’s challenge is to welcome the new not with fear but with affectionate care – try to embrace it with the heart, like a friend!

You can best prepare for such a welcome if you start by giving yourself all the love you can. Because fear is often triggered by an unsolved inner conflict caused by some lack of love. In order to be solved, the inner conflict invites certain events to happen again and again until this kind of experience is obsolete, because we understand that neither escape nor denial lead to redemption – only acceptance does. This includes accepting ourselves with love, as we are, with all imperfections.